Privacy Policy |

Name and address data

When you join you are invited to provide us with your e-mail address, name, address, telephone number and country of origin. All this information is optional except your e-mail address (which we use to identify you when you log on) and your country (which we have to know in order to determine whether to account for Value Added Tax on your membership fee).

We will not divulge any of this information to any third party now or at any time in the future without first asking for your permission.

Emails we may send you

The following are the circumstances in which we will send you e-mails.

  • Member Newsletters. Approximately once a month we will send you an email detailing new e-card releases and new features of our website.
  • Card Notifications. When you order any e-cards from our site, we will email you to tell you when the cards have been sent, and also when they are picked up by the recipients. If a card cannot be delivered we will also send you a non-delivery notice.
  • Renewal reminders. When your membership is about to expire, we will send you a maximum of three renewal reminders. If you have not renewed after the third reminder we will not trouble you again.
  • Administrative and help emails. In addition, we will of course reply to your help requests, and we may send you miscellaneous administrative correspondence – password reminders, confirmation of payment, renewal confirmations, and so on.

You can opt not to receive from Member Newsletters and Card Notifications by contacting us. You can also cancel your membership at any time, in which case you will not hear from us again. We do not send email to expired or cancelled members.


When you log on, our server looks up your membership number on our database and sends it to your computer in the form of a “cookie”. This cookie is used by our software simply for the purpose of detecting that you have logged on and are authorised to send cards and visit any member-only parts of the site. The cookie is a “session” (as opposed to “permanent”) cookie, and when you exit your browser session this cookie is automatically deleted (which is why you have to log on again every time you revisit the site).

Card History

As a necessary part of the process of sending e-cards, the recipient details and personal messages which you enter when you send a card are stored in our database. This also enables you to review cards you have sent by using our Card History page.

We will not divulge these details to any third party.

Analysis of data

We may use the information collected on the site (principally membership information, history of cards sent, and information submitted by you using our feedback form) to improve our service. For example, if we find that many people are sending a particular type of card, we may decide to develop more cards of that type. Any information gained in this way will not be shared with any third party